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Title: Untitled
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII; Dokuro
Rating: T
Pairing: Sephiroth/Cloud, one sided Jenova/Cloud, one sided Genesis/Jenova, one sided Hojo/Jenova
Genre: AU blend of two fandoms; Romance Supernatural
Warnings: Spoilers for elements of Dokuro and Final Fantasy VII
Disclaimer: FFVII is owned by Square Enix, Dokuro is owned by GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc., Game Arts, and PonKotz Troops

Summary: Demon Queen Jenova is looking for a husband and sets her sights on a human. Once he is captured and brought to the castle, one of the Queen’s own generals falls for the human.

Author’s Notes: Dokuro is a cute and frustrating PS Vita puzzle/platformer where a demon king ransacs a kingdom to kidnap a princess and make her his bride. The twist comes with the “hero” being one of the demon king’s own skeleton knights. However, Sephiroth isn’t an army peon and Cloud isn’t a princess. Takes place more in Dokuro story setting than Final Fantasy VII, but more of the things I want to add to make it more original come from VII’s world and characters.

Sephiroth sighed. Queen Jenova was at it again. This was, what – the eighth or ninth time – that she’s captured a human to be her groom. He didn’t understand the appeal or the logic of wanting a human for a mate. Demons and humans were too different from one another. While demons were known for their curiosity and attraction to humans, they were also known for their cruelty and bloodlust to humans as well. More humans feared and hated demons than those willing to marry one.

Fear and hatred is how she lost all of her other “suitors.” Jenova first tried with royalty. As a queen, she should marry a king or a prince or a duke or some other appropriate title. The trouble there was kingdoms had armies or gold to hire mercenaries. They came and defeated a lot of the creatures Jenova ruled over and took back their missing human. If she couldn’t have royalty, then Jenova thought she should have a strong husband. Those humans had courage to use their strength and hatred of Jenova to attack her and any enemy. They escaped on their own. Jenova now seemed to be on a “pretty” kick. Not that any of her previous picks weren’t attractive, but now the queen’s guards were using odd human phrases like “fragile as a flower” or “weak as a lamb” to describe the humans. Sephiroth could at least comprehend the lamb one – lambs were prey and prey that did not fight back. Even a few of those humans had someone that cared about them. Smaller groups or individual humans snuck into the castle to rescue Jenova’s groom-to-be. One time a...girl friend (Sephiroth thought it was the right phrase, he’d heard other demons use it, but why call a lover a friend?) came for her human. The unfortunate few only had fear and fell into depression that ended in death. That’s the end Sephiroth predicted for this newest suitor.

After so many attempts where the stolen human had loved ones that knew he was missing, Queen Jenova finally changed her plans. This newest groom hailed from some small mountain village (Nibelhad, Nibelville? Sephiroth never heard of it, only knew it had the name of Mount Nibel in it.) The village was small, remote, far from trade routes and the main fiefdom.


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