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Title: Untitled
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII; Dokuro
Rating: T
Pairing: Sephiroth/Cloud, one sided Jenova/Cloud, one sided Genesis/Jenova, one sided Hojo/Jenova
Genre: AU blend of two fandoms; Romance Supernatural
Warnings: Spoilers for elements of Dokuro and Final Fantasy VII
Disclaimer: FFVII is owned by Square Enix, Dokuro is owned by GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc., Game Arts, and PonKotz Troops

Summary: Demon Queen Jenova is looking for a husband and sets her sights on a human. Once he is captured and brought to the castle, one of the Queen’s own generals falls for the human.

Author’s Notes: Dokuro is a cute and frustrating PS Vita puzzle/platformer where a demon king ransacs a kingdom to kidnap a princess and make her his bride. The twist comes with the “hero” being one of the demon king’s own skeleton knights. However, Sephiroth isn’t an army peon and Cloud isn’t a princess. Takes place more in Dokuro story setting than Final Fantasy VII, but more of the things I want to add to make it more original come from VII’s world and characters.

Sephiroth sighed. Queen Jenova was at it again.Collapse )

Bleh, I really need to use lj more...

Yeah. Let's see if I remember how to use this site.


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Yeah, okay, another year goes by. Let's see how I do this year as far as actually maintaining a journal. :P

At least I have a few things to be inspired by -

I got a new layout from LJ, but I'm not sure I'm completely happy. I would love the opportunity to have a custom and personalized one. I see a lot of people that make banners for fandoms, but I have too many fandoms and don't want to stick just one on the top. I also need to figure out more of the LJ customization and get rid of some things that I don't want to show up on the page at all.

Totally hooked into Doctor Who, so it gives me another fandom that I follow in communities and may one day have story ideas for. We'll see how it goes. Lately the muses have been too tired or distracted by shiny things to poke me about stories, but every once in a while I actually have that thought. I should write some fic. And then it flutters away when I go to read someone else's lovely work or go look at stuff on eBay. Or icon hunting. Love icons. : )


Woo - about damn time...

Yes, I finally paid for better benefits. Now maybe I'll linger and update here more. May muses start poking me with sticks so I write.
: )


Been more than a year since I've posted in this thing. I should really change that. Maybe upgrade. Spring cleaning and all that junk.
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Been away from LJ for a while, but I'm easing back in and reading lots of fun entries. Read this beauty about some Crisis Core spoilers and it reveals how Crisis Core is messing with 7's original canon.

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Stuff I find on YouTube and want to keep a links list for.
Page is a work in progress

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FF7 AU Fanfic - Stolen Property

Stolen Property

Pairings: CloudxSephxCloud (eventually), ZackxAeris, and friendship for all
Rating: PG-13/R for swearing
jessara40K's plotbunny toss free for all idea: 2) Legally Sephiroth isn't human, he's the property of the ShinRa corporation. Expand.
This might end up more of a ficlet series - nothing grand expansive plot heavy, just a look into the universe and something to kind of experiment on.

Zack sighed. He was bored. Never leave a coyote alone when bored.Collapse )


Information Gathering

I'm looking to compile a list of white-haired characters from video games, manga, and anime. Mostly of males, but female characters will be accepted too.

Of course, there are several that I can list off the top of my head. I know what'll happen though; there may be a character that I do know about, but just can't recall until someone else mentions them. And then I'll smack myself because they could've been an even better choice than a character I used.

They may be mentioned and/or possibly featured as characters in an AU FF7 fic, but not as main characters. Just as a tribute, and having an already known character presence to add to the story. Instead of lots of Sephiroth clones. And while lots of Sephiroths are good, there is a reason for lots of white-haired people to look different in my story idea.

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Format: Rough Draft Teaser Chapter
Title: Seduction's Beginnings
Pairing: kinda Cloud x Sephiroth
Rating: PG, with some drops of lemon-lime juice. Cloud drools over Sephiroth.
Warnings: Mostly for the yaoi male x male implications, and set in an AU gameverse though you can't tell right now
Disclaimer: Square Enix owns FF7

Summary: Cloud is sent to collect Sephiroth for dinner

Seduction's BeginningsCollapse )